Why you should stop counting your no fap streaks

To count days or not to count days, that is the question. I realized why most people were failing so much during their no fap journey. They would be successful for a large amount of days but then they relapse and end up on square one all over again. All that hard work has gone to waste, only to end up back to where they started.

Here is what you need to know about not counting your no fap streaks.

You are failing no fap because you are keeping track of the days

Remember how life was for you before you first started watching porn? You were blissful and didn’t have any shame because you didn’t have anything to hide. Now you are desperately trying to quit and started counting your streak of days you haven’t mashed your meat. The problem with counting days is that it is a daily reminder of your old lifestyle. Imagine being porn-free for 1,000 days and remembering that you were once terribly addicted.

The solution? Stop counting days. When you stop counting days, it is a transition that you have turned away from your old lifestyle for good. That you are onto a whole new lifestyle, and don’t need reminders of the disgusting lifestyle you used to have.

Should you count days or should you not?

I tell all my students and groups the same thing. Every one is different. But if you have been counting streaks and find no success whatsoever, try not counting days. If you are someone who takes pride in how many days you can go, or hate ruining success streaks, then counting days may be right for you. But if you are looking for a new lifestyle and never want to turn back, and you’re okay with a few resets, then the answer for you is to stop counting your days.

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Mindset of not counting days

The date you finally make the decision to stop indulging in porn or masturbation, that is considered your official day 1. Now let’s say you have made it successfully to day 30. But on that last day you gave into temptation and relapsed. That doesn’t mean you are back day to day 1. You are still 30 days in since you made the decision to quit your bad habit. The day you decide to quit fapping is more important than your no fap streaks. You will fail from time to time. But as your overall journey continues, you will have less urges. By not counting days, you are slowly transitioning into your new lifestyle.


  • Counting days is a reminder of your old lifestyle
  • If counting streaks hasn’t worked for you, try not counting the days
  • The day you decide to quit fapping is more important than your no fap streaks

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