What is no nut November?

Millions of men around the world participate in No Nut November every year. These men have uncovered some of the most valuable practice any man can ever do. Wouldn’t you want to know what the hype is all about? Well I’m going to show you everything about No Nut November.

No Nut November is an internet challenge when men go the whole month of November without masturbating or ejaculating. Originally it used to be No Shave November, but branched out into its own challenge in order to support fellow men with testicular cancer. And now every year men around the globe participate in the challenge.

Google trend search shows the popularity of No Nut November every year

The No Nut November challenge also encourages men to not orgasm because that is what “nutting” means. The term “nut” is internet slang for the act of ejaculating your semen. And the best way to make sure these men don’t orgasm is to stay away from masturbating.

The No Nut November challenge is abbreviated as NNN.

Why do the no nut challenge?

There are memes of people that will go on a streak without nutting and gain these super powers as the streaks go on. They don’t get actual superhuman powers, but may receive positive benefits to their lives like these ones:

Mental Benefits:
• Increase in confidence
• More motivation
• Control over one's life
• Having a clear, guilt-free conscious 

Physical Benefits:
• Testosterone levels peaking
• High energy 
• Better sex life
• May cure erectile dysfunction 

Many men who have completed a full month of not fapping eventually decide they want to make this a lifestyle. They realized how much better their lives are when they retain their semen and not fap.

A lot of people’s problems in life stem from avoiding the problem in the first place. When you masturbate as a way to destress, you are actually avoiding your problems temporarily instead of facing it head on.

When you are in the middle of the NNN challenge, you will find yourself with a lot of time. And that is the best thing, because you will be taking care of your immediate problems and main concerns about your personal life.

In a way it forces you to be better. Humans typically choose to avoid pain even if its at the expense of experiencing greater pleasure. When you do the no nut challenge, you eliminate that pleasure variable and you are left with you and your problems. Which will leave you no choice but to solve it.

Your life only gets better when you do the NNN challenge. But why stop there? Might as well do no nut every month and reach the best version of yourself.

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Man In Suit Jacket Standing Beside Projector Screen
“Okay hear me out, what if you could better your life simply by participating in NNN”

How to do the No Nut November challenge

No nut November will be the best thing that has ever happened to you, but at the same time, can be the hardest thing you will ever do in your entire life. Because you will be relying purely on your mental discipline. Here are two things you must equip yourself with:

Having a no nut mindset

I cannot stress this enough, but the main reason why people quit or fail to go a month of not masturbating is because they are not serious about it. The problem is they don’t actually understand the harmful effects of excessive masturbation. And when they do understand the adverse effects, their mindset will revert into being more serious about the challenge.

In order to create a no nut mindset, you must have your mind hard as a shell. Meaning you need to be able to withstand all the triggers that may come your way. And walk away from it with nothing but a smile on your face. Because you are stronger than your urges.

You must remember why you are doing no nut November. Either to support your brothers with testicular cancer or for your own personal benefit. This will be your base, and just like a strong oak tree, you need to have a strong base to keep yourself from falling.

Avoiding your nut triggers

It’s highly important that you have a strong mind, since triggers are everywhere. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t avoid triggers if you can. Because why give yourself the chance to relapse and lose all the progress you earned?

Here are some proven methods that will help you avoid your triggers:

- Unfollow pages on your social media accounts that may cause triggers
- Install a porn blocker app to eliminate the possibility of you accessing a porn site
- View women as human beings, and not sexual objects 

Think of yourself walking on a tight rope trying to make it to the end. And triggers are distractions, wind, and even negative thoughts. Don’t give any attention to any of these 3 things, or you will fall off. If you see a distraction in the distance, you will fall off. If you don’t stabilize yourself better, the wind will knock you off. Even those negative thoughts will cause you to lose balance. Pay your triggers no attention.

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Close-Up Photography of Tiger
Be tough like a tiger when its No Nut November

When to do no nut November

Thought NNN was just for the month of November only? Wrong.

When you successfully complete a month of no nutting. You have a taste of what you are capable of. Why stop there? Why not capitalize off of that and improve your life even further.

Tons and tons of men who have completed the no nut challenge become addicted to this lifestyle. That they end up wanting to do it all year round.

Here are some similar months I have created that will encourage you to continue your no nut journey:

No jacking off January 
No fap February 
No meat mashing March
No hand-anal April
No milking May
No jerking off June
No jizzing July
No adjusting the antenna August
No white sap September 
No boner October
No nut November
No destroying dick December 

People who have made it to a whole year of not masturbating report that they feel in control of their lives. They are not controlled by their urges anymore.

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No fap November? Ha, how about no fap all year!

Who is No Nut November for?

The month of no nutting is for men who have want to support other men with testicular cancer. It is also for men who love a challenge and want to better themselves.

There is no question that internet pornography is on the rise and more and more women and men are noticing the devastating effects of porn addiction. 98% and 72% of women have used internet porn in the last 6 months.

That being said, a lot of these people’s with they hadn’t started watching porn or masturbating. The beauty of NNN is that you can be anyone. You could just be doing this challenge so that you can perform better sex with your partner.

Even celebrities and successful people, practice no fap. An example is like Elon Musk. He believes that it wastes time when you ejaculate without procreation.

No nut doesn’t have to be for people that just want to get rid of their depression. But happy people also want to reach higher levels of happiness by eliminating any hurtful variables (like porn or masturbating) towards their goal.

No nut November is for everyone
• Successful people who want to stay successful 
• Men who want to support other men with prostate/testicular cancer
• Men who want to better themselves

Most people decide when they hear about the challenge, that they are doing it to better themselves by gaining the benefits from no PMO. PMO=Porn Masturbation Orgasm.

Few people claim to receive no physical or mental benefits. But they will have at least gained extra free time. It’s a win-win situation for everyone who attempts the challenge!

NNN conclusion

Men with prostate and testicular cancer are supported with other men around the globe by participating in the challenge to abstain from nutting. Most decide that they want to continue the challenge forever because of the mental and physical benefits they receive from no fap.

The way to succeed in this challenge, is to have the right mindset to rewire your brain into being serious. Another important thing to know is to avoid your triggers at all costs to reduce any type of trigger.

When you see the power of what no nut can do, why do it only for November? Many decide they want to do it all year round. Join the hundreds of thousands of men turning it into a lifestyle by doing it all year round. It’s life’s cheat code!

Anyone is allowed to participate in this challenge. Doesn’t matter if you are successful or poor, happy or depressed, or even man or woman. Everyone has their own reasons for doing the No Nut November challenge!

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