Ultimate No fap benefits

What if I told you that no fap can give you superpowers? Well it is true, it can give you different types of powers. And all the men doing no fap, already have an advantage over other men who aren’t doing no fap. And men doing no fap are noticing improvements in their own personal lives. I am here to show you the ultimate no fap benefits you can receive just by not fapping.

Imagine you are walking through your fitness club that you have been exercising in for the past 3 years. You can’t help but notice, that every girl you walk by is looking at you. Every guy in the fitness club is jealous because you’re getting all the attention from these girls. And as you continue to walk, you smirk, because you know the no fap benefits are working.

The first benefit that no fap gives you is that women will notice you more. That’s right, you become an automatic babe magnet. Studies have shown that women prefer the scent of men with higher testosterone. This is because, by doing no fap you actually increase your free testosterone base levels. And women love a man with healthy and high testosterone levels.

Not only do women prefer a man with higher testosterone levels, but also desire a man who is disciplined. Doing no fap signals to a woman that you are capable of taking charge. Not only disciplined in no fap but in other aspects of his life. Women love a man who is in control of their body.

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Women love men on no fap

Speaking of women desiring men who are in control of their body. I want you to visualize being able to control yourself from eating junk food. Visualize being able to make your body push for a higher number of push ups you can perform. Making yourself stay up late studying for your exam even though you are sleepy at midnight.

This super power no fap gives you is called mental discipline. No really, you will have full control over your body, and can make your body do anything even if you don’t feel like it. Let’s just put it this way, the same will power to no fap, is the same will power that will allow you to do 100 push ups at 5am in the morning. Talk about super powers right there!

The way it works is you are rewiring your brain that YOU are in control, and not your urges. You tell your body not to give into its carnal needs. Simultaneously, you are developing control over other aspects of your life. This includes unhealthy food temptations, laziness, and undisciplined emotions! Now who wouldn’t want control over their whole body!

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No fap = More discipline

Did you know that plenty of successful men practice no fap? Elon Musk even admits that masturbation is a waste of time in an interview with Lex Fridman.

No fap has given many successful men including Elon Musk, the confidence to strive for greatness. And confidence is a vital component to becoming successful. What other better and easier way to increase your confidence other than doing no fap? It is literally a cheat code!

Not just in business but the confidence no fap gives you, allows you to talk to any girl you want. It can also give you the belief in yourself to change the world for the better. As a man, confidence is important for a healthy life.

Have you ever felt shame after masturbating to a very dirty video? This uncomfortable feeling in the no fap community is nicknamed “post-nut clarity”. It is a brief period of regret and shame. You start to question why you are even watching porn in the first place and where it all went wrong. Good thing no fap can relieve you of that feeling.

That is because one of the benefits no fap gives you is having a clear conscience. You may not be a religious person, but spirituality is still important for a man’s life. You won’t feel guilty because you don’t masturbate. You will have much more clear thinking when you are interacting with anyone.

You won’t be feeling guilty shaking someone’s hand knowing you just masturbated an hour ago without washing your hands! You will be able to act like your natural self, your natural alpha self.

I will warn you that you will be quite popular when you are on no fap. Naturally people will be attracted to you. And you will automatically start talking to strangers and carry meaningful conversations. Guilt stops these things from happening. Guilt is a voice in your head that is constantly reminding you that you are doing something nasty alone in your room. It is saying to you, “if people found out about your dirty secret, they wouldn’t like you”.

In the social media age, there is a new mental illness called the imposter syndrome. A syndrome where we are afraid of being exposed for who we really are. Because social media has wired people to look their best all the time. And now people are afraid others will find out that they aren’t who they pretend to be on social media. Therefore, develop the imposter syndrome.

Fapping regularly will contribute to this syndrome. But no fap will have you being your natural alpha self, and save you the stress of posting about being someone you are not.

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Fapping causes you to be someone you are not

Ever sit on your bed, anxious about the future? Or sit on the bathroom floor feeling depressed wondering where it all went wrong? Constantly masturbating and watching porn actually contribute to these feelings. And it is because when you masturbate, your mind is spiraling down this negative thought rabbit hole. Thoughts like these:

"What am I doing with my life? I am such a loser"
"No girl likes me because of my dirty habits" 
"My life is so pathetic, fapping is the only way to feel happy"

Because masturbation causes an increase in guilt, there is a strong correlation with fapping and stress. Masturbation may lower your cortisol levels for that brief moment, but for the long run, you can actually feel more stressed according to this study here.

No fap can decrease feelings of anxiety and depression. You can argue that fapping helps you relax when you are feeling anxious, but it actually makes it harder in the long-term. You can also argue that fapping can make you feel better when you are feeling depressed, but it is only for a brief period. Plus by fapping you are just using masturbation as an escape from dealing with your actual problems in life.

Many men have claimed ever since they started their no fap journey, they can’t sit still and have so much energy to spend on productive activities. And so when they are busy doing things they enjoy, they are feeling less depressed.

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Porn addiction causes anxiety and depression. No fap cures anxiety and depression.

Do no fap and watch your anxiety levels plummet and your mood elevate. You’ll be able to give a public speech without having anxious thoughts. You’ll find yourself trying the things you’ve always wanted to do because you will have the motivation to do it.

Speaking of motivation. No fap gives you motivation. Anyone who has done no fap for at least a couple days know what I am talking about. It’s not just this sudden burst of energy, but ideas pop into your head easier. No fap will make you feel like your brain is on steroids.

The way masturbation works is when you fap, you release dopamine to your dopamine receptors. And with masturbation and porn addicts, they can actually feel numb to this affect and will crave more in order to feel the way they did the first time. This can create an addiction.

But when you practice no fap, your receptors desensitize and your original dopamine release will be enough for you to stimulate motivation. Your brain’s tolerance will slowly come back to normal.

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Start your porn/fap free life today!

I believe the next one is the most important benefit of all, because it integrates all of the past benefits above.

Millennials today are experiencing what is called a “quarter life crisis”. This is due to a couple variables such as the growth of social media, growing up in high pressured families, and fear of social rejection. These millennials now feel they are lost and started questioning their decisions and are worried of the future. But porn and fap addiction have a major contribution to this.

The final no fap benefit that will fix this is that you will find your purpose. When you take your mind off sex, the only thing you will have left is your purpose. For many who don’t know their purpose yet, no fap guides you towards your purpose in life.

Purpose is important because it is the reason that makes us feel alive. Porn addiction and fapping will get in the way of that. You will find who you are and what you want.

No fap doesn’t guarantee that you will succeed in your purpose. But in life that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you have purpose and that you commit to it. No fap will help you find it, even if you haven’t already. And if you already know what your purpose is, good. No fap will help you stay focused on that purpose.

Man Sitting on Edge Facing Sunset
Don’t find another porn video, find your purpose

If there was any single benefit that was the most important here, it is that no fap will find your purpose. This is because no fap gives you the motivation (as we stated above), to work towards your goals. It will give you the confidence to try new things. The lower anxiety and feelings of depression levels no fap gives you will stabilize your emotions for you to keep going. Your clear conscience will allow you better decision making. And the mental discipline will allow you to do important things that our natural laziness would get in the way of.

And these are only the ultimate benefits of no fap. There are hundreds of other benefits different people have recorded online that they have experienced within their personal lives! Wouldn’t you want to know which benefits you will be receiving if you started no fap? You may even discover a new benefit that no one experienced yet! Only one way to find out 🙂

If you are considering no fap or want to get better at it , I highly suggest you read how to by clicking here

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