This is why I am failing No Fap

I know how it feels to constantly fail on No Fap. I used to be in your shoes when I would get socially anxious because of the side of affects of this addiction. And it wasn’t until a few years later why I found out why I was failing no fap all these years. And the answer was very simple.

I was too forgiving on myself.

Of course, it is easier said than done. It’s almost like going on a new healthy diet. You’ll say phrases such as, “one cookie won’t hurt”, or “I’ll just start my diet tomorrow”. STOP THIS MINDSET. You need to look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that you are a reflection of your actions. When you said you were going to stop fapping, you need to actually mean it. Adopt a warrior mentality.

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One good way of being more serious about your no fap journey, is to tell someone what you are going to do it. You’re more likely to take the goal more seriously if you let someone else know. Sexual health can often be difficult to discuss with your friends or family. If you need a supportive community, feel free to join ours right here: iMasterBrain forum

A lot of people I have asked, have been trying to quit for years. I was even surprised to find individuals who haven’t been able to quit their addiction despite making that decision 10 years ago. They weren’t serious, which is why they failed.

A good tip for you to try is to write post-it notes with daily reminders.

Post it note ideas to write:

  • Feels good now, but will hurt me in the long run
  • How many more years do you want to add to your addiction?
  • Would I be proud of myself if my friends or family found out about this?
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The real world is unforgiving. Take for example this: women love a man who is disciplined. Women aren’t going to care if about your excuses on why you are out of shape. They don’t care that you have no time to exercise because you are enrolled in full time school and work. Therefore your body is out of shape. They want to know if you have the mental discipline to power through that. The same principle goes for no fap. Women want to know that you can discipline your body.

You are the way you are because of your daily choices. After years and years they start to stack up. You must be careful when making your daily choices. No fap is not just about avoiding triggers that can lead you back down the rabbit hole of porn. You also need to engage in activities that are related to no fap. Here are some ideas that contribute to no fap.

  • Spread the word of no fap
  • Write about how no fap changed your life
  • Create Instagram pages on no fap and tag me on Instagram
  • Make no fap comics
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Be the captain of your own meat

There is a story of an old man and a dog who sit on the porch every morning. One day a boy approaches him and notices the dog is sitting on a nail sticking out of the floor board. The boy asks, “why does the dog not move if he is sitting uncomfortably on a nail”? The old man smiles and says, “Because it is not hurting him enough to want to stand up and sit somewhere else”.

A lot of our motivations stem from a painful experience. If they don’t hurt enough, we will do little to nothing about it. But if it hurts plenty, then we will be very motivated to avoid this feeling of discomfort.

Most of you don’t realize how bad porn and masturbation addiction is hurting you. And that is why many of you fail. You may be thinking everything is okay and dandy. But in reality you have reached a very low point in your life because of your addiction.

You need to realize that porn and fap addiction, are keeping you away from your best self. Only then will you start being serious about no fap. Once you see that you don’t have the woman of your dreams because of the social anxiety porn has given you. You will want to turn off the porn videos.

When you feel unhealthy and out of shape because you did not work on your healthy habits, you will then start being serious about no fap. You will start keeping a journal and keeping track of your diet and daily lifestyle.

Realize that porn and fap addiction is hurting your life, only then will you be heavily motivated

Think about the moments when you were young and someone told you that you couldn’t achieve something. It hurt you so bad and you knew you wanted to prove them wrong. You gained this sudden blow of motivation and you started grinding. You started remembering what they told you. Those hurtful words stained your mind. You need to redirect this type of flow into your no fap mindset.

Ask yourself, what’s hurting you? This is a question you must ask yourself. I want you to really dig deep down and find out your top 3 biggest pains and write them here. Make it like this graph here.

It’s not talked a lot but plenty of people’s problems stem from their habits. The same way smokers have different types of health problems. If these smokers eliminate smoking, other aspects of their lives get better.

Think of the all the great things you can do with your life once you get rid of porn and masturbation. Imagine the money you could be making if you invested more time into your business. Imagine attracting a beautiful woman because she admired your disciplined mind. May these be your daily reminders on why you are quitting your fap habit.

Another thing to note, you are failing to plan. Learn how to do so with a pen by clicking here

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A dream without a goal is just a wish

It’s not enough to know the adverse effects of porn overuse or to find an emotional motivator deep inside of you. You need to actually write a plan on how you will overcome your addiction.

Seriously, write down on a piece of paper what you expect out of this no fap journey. Write down the steps that will get you there. Record practices that you know work well for you. Write down the tips and tricks that don’t work for you, those are important to know as well so that you won’t increase your chances of relapse.

I want you to write your plan like this:

Day 1-7 I will restrict myself from watching any type of porn to slowly gain momentum but will allow myself to masturbate if I have an urge
Day 8-30 I will have ceased any form of masturbation by then and will be porn free for a couple of weeks now
Day 31-60 I will have replaced my masturbation habit with positive habits like exercise
Day 61-90 I expect my brain's stimulation to return back to normal 

I made plenty of mistakes and I am here to show you what works and what doesn’t. Please learn from my mistakes so that you can give yourself an advantage. I want you to develop a warrior mindset and don’t be so forgiving on yourself. Write post-it notes as a way to reinforce your brain that what you are doing is for a reason. Realize how terrible porn and fap addiction has made your life, this will be a great motivator for you. And lastly have a plan!

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