The secret why millions of men are practicing no fap

The NoFap subreddit has currently 869,000 members, and continues to grow. That is impressive for just a subreddit. And the numbers of anti porn and no fap communities are even higher. These are men who are seeking to better themselves. These men want to make more money, attract more girls, and be happy with their lives. And they know they’ll reach their goals if they stop masturbating.

Here is why many men are practicing no fap now.


The mental and physical benefits are by far the most popular reason why people practice no fap in the first place. They know they can improve certain aspects of their lives just by abstaining from masturbation. Some are seeking to increase their personal confidence. Others are looking to increase their energy levels. And some are practicing no fap for the sole reason of attracting women. Here are some of the many benefits no fap practitioners have noticed when starting their no fap journey:

  • Increased confidence
  • Higher energy levels
  • Getting noticed by women more
  • Appreciation for life
  • More intelligence

And these are just the beginning. All of these are benefits are components that make up a man and a happier life. Keep in mind these benefits affect everyone differently. Some may receive only half these benefits. Others will receive all of these benefits. And even few will notice little to no change. Try no fap and see for yourself!

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No fap makes you masculine

Men on the NoFap subreddit claimed they feel more manly because of no fap. They have noticed even physical changes in their body. There are claims that their voice sounds deeper. Other claimers have noticed increased muscle mass and strength. Even some claim their skeletal structures are changing, examples like their jawline and cheek bones are becoming more defined. This may be because of the increased testosterone.

After not ejaculating for 7 days, some men have received an average of a 45.7% increase in testosterone on top of their usual baseline in this study here. That is just an average! Meaning some men have actually had increased much higher than that number. Imagine possibly doubling your testosterone! Keep in mind that their testosterone increase only peaked on the 7th day, and then returned back to normal a few days after.

But also keep in mind, that was a temporary study of only a max of 16 days. There is no study that goes beyond that. But there is anecdotal evidence that many men claim they felt their energy levels and testosterone levels climbing even beyond those 16 days. You can be more like a man just by not mashing your meat!


Even my doctor agreed that no fap can be good for you spiritually. A lot of us feel ashamed after we watch porn or masturbate. The internet slang for this feeling is “post-nut clarity“. It is a brief period of shame and regret. People who practice no fap have a clearer conscience because they don’t feel ashamed when there is nothing to be ashamed about, in fact they feel proud about practicing no fap. It’s no wonder why plenty of no fap men are much more happy.

They don’t have to worry about washing their hands all the time in case they need to shake someone’s hand. They maintain eye contact well in conversations because they have nothing to hide. They have a love for life because they have such a clear conscience.

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It’s time to realign your vibrations by practicing no fap

Mental Discipline

Being mentally disciplined is one of the staples of being a man. If you can practice no fap successfully, you will likely be more disciplined in other areas of your life. Men who practice no fap know that they are in control of their body. It is only natural to gain discipline in other areas of their lives while practicing no fap.

If they can resist the temptation from masturbating, then they for sure have the will power to sit down at a table and focus on tasks at hand. They control their libido with their pure will. They are able to make good judgement without emotions clouding them. They know that if they touch themselves, it is going to affect their mental discipline, so they keep pushing forward.

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No fap = Mental discipline. Mental discipline = More pushups

It’s not common that someone would say they regretted practicing no fap. In fact most of them say they wish they started no fap in the first place because of the devastation effects of masturbating too much. Millions of men have taken the no fap challenge and have never turned back since. Will you be accepting the challenge as well?

Better sexual performance

The most embarrassing thing that can happen when you are about to have intercourse with a girl, is when you can’t get your “willy” up. Now there is a strong correlation with porn addiction and erectile dysfunction. In other words, you may have whiskey dick if you fap too much.

As you know, when you consume porn for the first time, you get hit with a super surge of dopamine to your brain. A feeling so strong and full of pleasure. With excessive porn use over time, normal porn videos we used to watch at first, don’t seem to arouse us like the first time. We try to get this feeling back. And the way we do so is by consuming heavier and heavier content. To the point where you are just in plain disgust with yourself when you realize what video you are watching after you finish masturbating.

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This guy’s tolerance is so high, that he needs two screens to satisfy himself!

Soon enough, a regular woman you meet at the bar isn’t enough to get you aroused. Your tolerance has increased, and you’ll need more than just a regular woman’s body to turn you on. And so you go back home to watch the heavy content just to get yourself off.

Studies have shown that men who successfully complete the 90 day no fap challenge have noticed that their tolerance has gone down. Meaning a regular women can turn them on easily again. You won’t be needing to search for heavier and heavier content just to satisfy you.

No fap and business

A lot of young entrepreneurs today are struggling on getting their business off the ground. Most of the time it isn’t because their business model is bad. It more so has to do with their personal selves. It has to do because of their fap addiction.

For many, masturbating feels so much better than to developing a marketing strategy to get your business off the ground. Because it feels good for the moment. But in the long run, it’s damaging your business growth.

With no fap, they have plenty of extra time on their hands. And so they develop strategies and work on their business with their spare time. Elon Musk has even admitted here that too much time has gone into masturbation without procreation in this video.

Men are designed to ejaculate for the reason to procreate. If you take procreation out of the equation, you are just wasting your time. What is the point of touching yourself when you could just be developing and expanding your business even further.

No fap, no shame

Ever have the feeling of shame when you finish masturbating to a video you found disgusting? You find it difficult to look someone in the eyes, because you just did the dirty 30 minutes ago. Or you can barely shake someone’s hand because you just finished mashing your meat an hour ago. Well you can get rid of this shameful feeling just by practicing no fap.

Masturbating is a very private activity. And it does affect your life out in public through your mannerisms. My first week of practicing no fap, I was able to attract girls simply because I wouldn’t let go of my gaze with them. I could shake my client’s hands knowing that my hands were clean. People wanted to be around me because of my charm.

Man in Black Suit Jacket Wearing Black Framed Eyeglasses
Man on the left is subconsciously wondering if he remembered to wash his hands after masturbating.

When you get rid this shame, all you have left is your confident self. Shame is like a shell that keeps getting thicker the more you watch porn and masturbate. You need to decrease the thickness of the shell by stopping your fap and porn consumption habits.

No fap makes you a womanizer

That’s right, no fap can make you a babe magnet. Wanna know why? Women love a man that has control over his body and does not give into his temptations. They don’t want a weak man, they want someone who can take control of any situation if needed.

When you don’t release your semen by yourself, you will subconsciously seek a woman that can do it for you. You will get to a point of your no fap practice that you are able to flirt with women on autopilot. When you see an attractive women in public, you won’t contemplate whether you will get rejected if you shoot your shot. You will automatically engage in conversation and just have fun.

No fap regains your pupose

There have been an increasing number of millennials who feel “lost” with their lives. They wonder if they took the right path in life, or wonder where it all went wrong. And so they indulge in silly acts such as masturbation to get rid of this feeling. With their purpose slipping away.

When you practice no fap, you will find yourself with an awful lot of time. These men have utilized this time to find their path in life again. You will find yourself trying out new activities as a way to replace the time you normally would use for masturbating. Your brain will want to seek new stimulation that you absented by practicing no fap.

You will rekindle the passion for your old hobbies that you previously loved to engage in. Or you will find new ones to engage in. As your tolerance for content-type porn reduces, so will the ceiling needed to stimulate your brain. Instead of Netflix bingeing to gain brain stimulation, you will find simple activities such as journaling, to be engaging.

You are going to start feeling complete and start living a life of purpose. A purpose driven life. Not one that relies on porn as a way to immediately gratify yourself.


  • If millions of men are practicing no fap, it must be good
  • No fap makes you more of a man
  • You will be spiritually aligned with yourself
  • An increase in mental discipline with the no fap life style
  • Sexual performance improves
  • Business and work life improve
  • Sense of shame decreases
  • Purpose will be gained or found again

Will you be joining the millions of other self-development hungry men?

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