No Nut November Survival Guide

This is the Ultimate No Nut November Survival Guide if you want to make it a month without nutting. Many men have attempted the challenge, but haven’t been successful. Because they did not follow these key techniques and methods. Lucky for you, I have condensed everything you will need to survive the no nut challenge right here.

Before we get started on the guide, I must tell you the timeline so you will understand how to go about some obstacles.

Day 1 Will be the easiest of all of days. You will be very optimistic about the challenge.

Day 2-4 You will have little urges. They will be manageable even if you don’t keep yourself out of the house

Day 5-7 Will be the hardest few days of your journey. This is because your testosterone exponentially increases and peaks on day 7. Keep yourself out of the house and away from privacy.

Day 8-15 Your urges will be controllable because your testosterone drops back to normal levels. Here you will start to notice improvements in your life.

Day 16-23 This is where your flatline occurs. You will feel like your no fap powers have disappeared. You will be tempted to edge, just to feel dopamine in your head again. Fight it.

Day 24- 30 This is the home stretch. You won’t have much urges because you’ve realized how far you’ve come and don’t want to lose it all.

This no fap timeline is based from men all around the world. More likely you will notice these same struggles correlating with your own timeline.

Now let’s get to the No nut survival guide!

No Nut November Motive

“A ship that sails without a compass will get lost sea”

With that quote in mind, ask yourself why are you doing the no nut November survival challenge. When you know your why, it will make the no nut November challenge a whole lot easier.

When you don’t know your grandmaster plan, it will be so much easier to relapse. You’ll start coming up with negative thoughts and doubts.

Below I’ve listed possible motives for your no fap November challenge.

Possible motives for no nut November  
Supporting men with prostate cancer
Willingness to conquer the hardest challenge for a man
The mental and physical benefits of no fap
Not supporting the porn industry 
No nut November survival guide
Don’t sail a ship without a compass! Have a reason why you’re doing no fap!

Meditate, don’t masturbate

When urges hit you hard, your brain will be in a state of uncontrollable excitement, to the point where you lose control. For many, this will lead to an inevitable relapse.

The key is to meditate.

When you can feel one of your urges, I want you to sit down and close your eyes. Take your mind off the pornographic thoughts and triggering memories. Go back to the first day you decided to take on the no fap challenge.

By meditating, you are calming the vibration frequencies in your head, back down to a normal level. No longer are you horny or thinking about sex.

Meditating will give you inner peace. You will feel less stressed. When you feel less stressed, you won’t masturbate as a way of relieving your stress levels.

The best time to meditate is during the morning as well, since that is when your testosterone levels are at its highest. Best to calm down your libido and start your day radiating calm energy.

No peeking means no nut survival

You will find in your journey that there is no such thing as “just one peek”. And let’s just say you do peek while edging at the same time but don’t ejaculate. You will eventually keep repeating this pattern and increase your chances of ejaculating in one of your edging sessions.

Absolutely for no reason should you be peeking during your challenge. The challenge is specifically the act of not masturbating, and doesn’t exactly specify that you can’t watch porn. But watching porn inevitably leads to fapping.

A big bonus you should do is to delete whatever remains of pornographic or triggering content you have on you. Go on a porn purge on your computer folder that you disguised as your “English homework”. Delete every trace of evidence that you have ever watched porn, this includes your history. This will discourage you from reminding you of the videos you would watch.

Turn on safe browsing if you have to, which I highly suggest. Safe browsing is adding parental controls to your internet browser application. It may sound silly putting a “parental control” on your mobile device. But what is more silly is losing your no fap streak because you were “fishing for porn.”

Learn to make your browser experience porn free in this article here:

No fap challenge and how to beat it

No free time, no nutting

If you have a lot of free time, you will nut and lose your streak. Human beings default to mischief when they are free and alone.

Think back to when you were alone in the house for a few hours. The first thing you probably did was masturbate.

There are really only two ways to survive no nut November when you have too much free time.

Fill up your free time

You cannot physically beat your meat if you do not have the time to do so. Here are some ways you can fill up your free time so you don’t lose the no nut November challenge.

What you can do to fill up your time from relapsing
Start a business
Write a blog 
Support the no fap community 

Whatever you do with your free time will depend on your age group as well. And you should allocate it towards more productive things. If you are an adult you should start on that business you have been wanting to do. If you are in your teens, you should focus on studying.

No nut November
No time? No fap!

Build up your no nut discipline

One of the top reasons why people relapse is because they are alone in the room either before bed or when they wake up. If the urge is strong, they will relapse. So the solution is building up your mental discipline.

I should mention building your mental discipline isn’t simply starting a habit you enjoy. Because that’s too easy and there is no resistance, therefore builds no mental discipline.

Building discipline is about doing something you are uncomfortable with, but you do it anyway. For people who hate exercise, forcing yourself to do push ups every morning is a great way to build mental discipline for them.

For people who hate flossing, but make themselves floss after breakfast, is a great way for them to build up mental discipline.

The key point is that you’re suppose to be doing something you do not enjoy doing (but is good for you), but you force yourself through it anyway, everyday. This is how you build up the mental discipline.

Here are some things that you may dislike that are actually beneficial and will build up your mental discipline:

Mental discipline exercises for no fap
If you are a slob, fix your bed every morning 
If you hate taking showers, force yourself to wash your hands before meals
If you love junk food, make yourself eat an apple a day

Over time, your efforts will compound and you will start taking more control over your body.

No fap accountability coaching

Selective Focus Photoraphy of Chains during Golden Hour
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Same goes for no fap accountability groups!

No fap coaching is highly recommended for people who cannot make it to a month on their own. And it may be because you have been introduced to porn at a very young age.

But do not feel bad, you are not alone. Many men find it difficult to go a week without masturbating because of their porn addiction they developed from a young age.

The point of a no fap accountability coach is to provide you with the authoritative accountability and proper knowledge. To check on you everyday and analyze what you are doing wrong, and give you feed back. To have someone who is experienced and knowledgeable guide you. Because it is difficult to get through the no nut November challenge if your group is weak and failing all the time.

Many men have tried the no nut challenge alone but fail constantly. Why not do it the right way and save your future?

Inquire here for no fap coaching

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