No Nut Challenge of November, what is with the hype?

Every year men all around the world participate in the No nut challenge of November. These men go a full month abstaining from porn, masturbation, and orgasm. You may ask yourself why would anyone torture themselves like that? Well, here is why:

No nut challenge of November gives you special powers! No, just kidding. Men participate in this internet challenge to support men with testicular or prostate cancer by not allowing themselves to ejaculate for the whole month. Men also participate in the challenge for the pure satire of it.

Hence why I made the joke about no nut giving you special powers. It is joked around in the meme community that abstaining from PMO (PMO = Porn Masturbation Orgasm) can give you crazy superhuman powers like levitation, super human IQ, or crazy strength.

While these are not true, they do give you benefits and help you become the ultimate version of yourself. No nut challenge are for those who want to be overall healthy, seek purpose, enjoy the satire of it, or the challenge aspect. First, we will be covering how the no nut challenge helps you with your overall health.

No Nut health triangle

In order to live a healthy and happy life, you must balance out these components to your life: Physical, mental, and social. And the No Nut challenge of November helps you improve on these areas.

No nut helps mental health

Plenty of men doing the no nut challenge notice their first benefits in this area of their life. It is a sense of feeling and perspective of the world that improves for them.

Everyone’s mental benefits will vary person to person. It is not something you can measure like in your physical health (I’ll get to that segment later in the next area of our triangle).

The mental benefit is more so geared towards how you view the world and yourself. When you constantly nut all the time to heterosexual porn, you are training yourself to think that women are nothing but objects to masturbate to. When you don’t nut for awhile, you start to view women appropriately again.

Even your view on yourself improves for your mental health. When you complete a week of no fap, you will start to think, “okay, I can control my sexual urge, I can probably succeed on another healthy habit”. This gives you the confidence that you can do a lot of things you put your mind to.

No nut helps your physical health

This is the part where we can actually measure if no fap is working. You may have heard that no fap makes you feel more of a man from other people. This is actually true if you are correlating masculinity with testosterone.

Here is a study that actually shows the evidence that men who practice no fap, actually receive an average increase of 47.5%, on top of their normal testosterone levels on the seventh day of not ejaculating.

Keep in mind that I said AVERAGE increase. Meaning some men have actually been able to DOUBLE their testosterone levels (197.3% to be exact), on the seventh day of their semen retention. You might even be some of those men that can double their manliness just from not fapping for a week!

Keep in mind that this study also shows that the level of testosterone drops from it’s peak after the 7th day. While this may be true, keep in mind that this study was only conducted for 2 weeks. Meaning the study doesn’t know what happens after those 14 days.

Fortunately many who have made it beyond 14 days of no nut, claim to feel manlier. I can speak for myself that at the time of writing this, I have been nonstop working out, writing, and super focused when I surpassed week 3.

You will also notice that when you do no fap, your testicles feel fuller. Maybe even bigger for some of you who have been constantly ejaculating and emptying your sperm.

This is because semen is stored in your testicles. And if you do not ejaculate for awhile, your body will actually absorb the nutrients back.

Complete list of nutrients your body is reabsorbing through semen retention

  • Protein
  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Lactic Acid
  • Sodium
  • Fat
  • Potassium
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Fructose
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Citric Acid

The reabsorption of these nutrients explains why plenty of men claim they have better skin, better hair growth, and feel stronger with their muscles. Because instead of fapping away these precious nutrients to waste, you are putting them for good use by reabsorbing them.

No nut helps your social health

Have you ever masturbated to a really disgusting video on the internet? And when you finished, you were just completely disgusted with yourself?

The feeling is of so much shame and guilt. To the point where you can’t even hold eye contact with someone because you have a guilty conscious of what you just watched during your last fap session.

That’s the beauty of the no nut November challenge, you just feel less guilty with yourself. How can you feel shameful of something when you have nothing to be ashamed about?

You won’t have this constant reminder in your head throughout the day that you just watched some questionable pornographic categories. And then when you talk to people, you’ll be able to deliver your message ever so clear with authority and meaning.

When you receive confidence from no fap, you will notice your posture change. How your present yourself will change. How you speak so respectably will change. People will automatically want to be your friend because of how social you will be. Because people tend to gravitate towards confident individuals.

No fap socially improves you with women as well. There’s actually a study where women who were at the peak of their fertility, prefer the smell of men who’s testosterone levels were higher.

Just from not nutting for a couple days, you become a babe magnet, along with appreciating women as the beautiful human beings they are.

And since you are not releasing your semen to a bunch of pixelated versions of women (porn video), you will be more motivated to release that energy somewhere else. Typically through real women in the real world. You’ll catch yourself just talking and flirting casually with women you meet in public!

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No nut challenge of November helps you find your purpose

No nut November is the month to re-understand yourself again. You will find yourself with plenty of time on your hands which can either lead to trouble, or self-improvement. Typically self-improvement because of how much sexual energy you will have saved up, you will be redirecting it somewhere productive.

Plenty of men actually stumble upon this part of the no nut journey accidentally. They start questioning themselves and what they want in life.

They’ve realized that their porn addiction has rewired their brain to look for an immediate dopamine source, even if it is at the expense of their personal growth. They start to acquire all these types of addictions outside of porn and masturbating:

  • Video game addiction
  • Binge eating bad food
  • Drug addictions
  • Shopping

When you give into your addictions, you are giving away your purpose in your life.

Purpose = Joy

Most people can’t find joy in life. So they settle for pleasure. Joy and pleasure are not the same thing. Pleasure is a mere shadow of joy that can be taken away. And when it is taken away you are left with a depressed and empty feeling.

No nut November challenge will help you find your joy in life. And no one can take that joy away from you because joy is what you bring out into the world.

Not nut challenge of November

No nut challenge of November satire aspect

The No Nut Challenge of November is pretty popular in the meme community with boys. Most of the time the challengers will joke about how they are levitating in thin air as they progress through the days.

On a psychological level, this brings men all around the world together, even if it is purely for the comedy element of it.

As men it is important to congregate with other men time to time. To be able to take off the stress of being a man sometimes, and relieve it with male bonding. And what better way to bond over with that every man struggles with: his sexual urges

There is also a component of challenge within it. Typically men will want to “out-do” each other. This is a more modern way of competing with each almost like male animals competing with each other for dominance.

When men state their no fap streak, they are subconsciously competing. They want to tell other men that they are mentally stronger than other men by controlling their sexual urges. Which in a way, will motivate other men to compete with them. Which makes them stronger in the process.

This example is very similar to the men at the athletic club. All the strong buff men there will often grunt, as a way to signal to other men of their dominance. Other men will often stack heavier weight on their exercise machine to signal to other men that they are stronger, and also try to impress women.

The satire behind the no nut challenge of November is more complex than we think. But in a good and positive way for men all around the world.

No nut challenging aspect

Part of being a man is knowing that you can take on challenges. This is because we need to be constantly bettering ourselves to survive in this world.

And No Nut November can be the hardest thing any man can ever do in his entire life.

This is not simply just resisting the urge to masturbate by looking at motivational videos and memes. We are talking about going against your natural instinct to ejaculate and spread your DNA. Something against what your ancestors would want.

It all comes down to your mental discipline and how much temptations you are willing to fight off and endure.

And for the men who are able to successfully complete the No Nut November challenge, have a great sense of accomplishment. Another victory to add under their belt.

I will paraphrase how Jordan Peterson put it, “you have to keep winning, because winning leads to more wins, and losing leads to more losses”.

I believe everyone man should try the no nut November challenge. Not so much for the benefits, or even completing the full 30 day challenge, but to know where they are at with their life. To see how much self- control they have. This will be a good way to measure how much control a man actually has over his life.

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Man in Black Shirt and Pants Sitting on Exercise Equipment
No Nut November will be the hardest challenge you will ever do, and at the same time, the best thing you will ever do for yourself

No Nut Challenge of November hype conclusion

There are many reasons why no nut November is so hyped, and they are for good reasons. So many men have been able to better their health triangle simply just by participating in this challenge.

Those who have completed a full month of no fap feel disciplined as a monk. Not just being able to keep their hands out their pants, but as well as other aspects to their lives.

Being on no fap reminds you that your overall health is just as important as your mental health. You may not even have noticed other bad habits you are doing daily, but no fap helped you realize them.

Aside from no fap making you popular, it turns you into a total babe magnet. Not just women noticing you more, but also becoming more flirty when you interact with them.

Many have even found their calling in life just by doing no fap. Porn and masturbation addiction have been in the way of people’s dreams since the birth of high speed internet porn. When you remove porn and masturbating in your routines, you find your way in life again.

Many may even just do it for the pure satire of the challenge. Which is not a bad thing because it also brings you closer together with other men. As well as bettering yourself because of the competitive element of it.

In order to improve, we need to be constantly taking on challenges. Which is why the no nut challenge of November offers that difficult challenge. Because if you can complete 30 days of no nut November, you can do anything. Why not give it a shot?

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