No fap challenge and how to beat it

Undoubtedly the no fap challenge is the hardest thing a man will ever do in his life. And at the same time will be the most rewarding thing to ever happen to them. Let’s find out what the popularity with this challenge is shall we?

This short answer to beat the no fap challenge would be to create a hardened mindset, surround yourself with a group with the same goal, and use cold showers as an emergency. But knowing is only half the battle. Let’s dive deeper into how to beat the no fap challenge shall we?

No fap community

The battle against porn and fap addiction is common, yet we are unable to speak about this. And at the same time, it is much easier to quit any addiction if you are empowered with a group that has the same goals as you.

No fap community knowledge

When you join a no fap group, chances are, other people are having difficulty in a specific problem as you. Others may have the answer for the specific problem for your obstacle.

Think of your support group as a group of construction workers building the empire state building in New York. You all have the same goal in mind to complete building the sky scraper. It will be tough and you will find it difficult days. But that is why you are all assembling together in a group. To share the no fap community knowledge. To boost each other and encourage each other.

Four Men Sitting on Platform
Learn the latest no fap trips and tricks by joining a no fap community!

Join our free community here: imasterbrain forum

No fap internet trigger killers

Whatever you do, don’t uninstall Instagram, your internet explorer app, or any social media app. Counter-intuitive to what you might think right? And the reason being is you don’t need to inconvenience your way of communicating with friends and learning just because of the possibility of relapsing. The only app you need to uninstall are pornographic apps. The answer is to set up a parental control that you didn’t know you had on your phone.

Limiting your access to adult websites is the best way to keep yourself from relapsing. Plus you still get to learn and entertain yourself on the internet.

No fap Internet explorer parental control

Here is how to limit your adult website access, parental controls for Apple users

Mobile Apple Users
1) Go on your Settings app. Navigate to "Screen Time"
2) Press "Content & Privacy Restrictions". Enter your passcode when it asks 
3) Press "Content Restrictions" and then press "Web Content"
4) Tap on "Limit Adult Websites" and you are good to go

Here is how to limit your adult website access, parental controls for Android users

Mobile Android Users Google App
1) Navigate and press on "Settings" 
2) Tap "Hide explicit results" 
3) Toggle the knob to "switch it on" and you are good to go

Continue using these parental controls until you reach full discipline for yourself and trust that you won’t navigate to adult websites. The point of the internet is to educate and communicate with the world.

Fun fact: 35% of all internet downloads are related to porn

How to unfollow fap triggers on Instagram and Facebook

The point of social media is to connect with your friends and family, and not mashing your meat to pixels of girls on the internet.

Here is how to get rid of your triggering content on your Instagram explore page

Instagram explore page
1) Go to your explore page (magnifying glass) on your Instagram app
2) Tap on any photo that has triggering content
3) Tap on the 3 dots on the corner of the photo
4) Tap "Not interested" 
Facebook home page
1) Scroll on your homepage until you find triggering content
2) Click on the three dots 
3) Click "Hide Post".
Note: Doing this will result in Facebook showing less triggering posts like that 

Remember: A single peek at any triggering content will determine if you survive no fap November or not.

No fap means no free time

“Idle time is the Devil’s playground”. If you have unoccupied time, you will find yourself failing the no fap challenge. So get busy. And here is how you can get busy:

No fap challenge schedule for everyday

Remember the planner you used to write in for your primary school? You would write down what you would be doing for class that hour. And then you would actually do it.

That is exactly how you should be planning your life everyday with the no fap challenge. You need to be scheduling your work, eating, exercise, reading, family, and sleep time. Schedule your whole routine, and the only thing you should not schedule is watching porn or fapping. Here is an example:

Monday-Friday Routine
6am: Wake up and start morning routine
7am: Eat breakfast and read 
8am: Work or school
12pm: Have lunch
3pm: Exercise at the gym
4pm: Study or work on projects 
5pm: Eat dinner with the family
6pm: Family bonding time
7pm: Work on writing my back
10pm: Go to bed 

Try to come up with your own daily planner like the one I exampled above. And keep note that I did not include “watching porn or fapping” on the list.

No fap challenge
No time? No fap. And that’s just facts!

No fap challenge mentality

It all begins in the head. No, not your penis head, your head that is on your shoulders.

Mentality is the most important thing you will need during the no fap challenge.

Because with self-discipline, anything is possible.

No fap positive thinking

Here is why you need to build up your positive thinking:

You will find yourself struggling in the middle of the no fap challenge. You may even catch yourself edging to some videos. At this point, you have already half relapsed. And will count as a full relapse if you ejaculate. If you don’t have positive thinking, you will think to yourself, “eh, I already started edging, might as well finish masturbating till I ejaculate”.

NO! Stop that mentality. If your positivity is strong, you will interrupt the middle of your edging with thoughts like, “this is not good, I should stop and put my penis away before I go any further”. This crucial decision part of edging will decide who is fit for the No fap challenge. So here are some no fap positive thoughts I want you to think about:

  • I will succeed in no fap November, even after the challenge is over, I will not stop!
  • A no fap beast never gives up, he only keeps going
  • If I relapse now, I will regret it later on. But if I succeed now, my future self will thank me
  • No fap is not a challenge, it’s a lifestyle that will make me better
  • I am in a terrible place of my life because of my addiction, but I will continue to improve my streak

No fap challenge hard mindset

Nothing can penetrate you when you have a stone hard mindset and an iron will.
Girl sends you a nude? Nope not today
Porn ad pops up? Nice, try but I will close this app
Instagram model on the explore page? Silence wench

You need to get to this mean mindset state, to where you can choose to look the other way when a trigger shows up. Here are some good ways to build up your mindset.

Look in the mirror and look yourself straight in the eye. Tell yourself, “your porn and fap addiction ruined your life, but you will get better”. Then beat your chest and do some push ups. This wakes up the no fap beast inside of you.

Afterwards, write into a personal journal why you are doing your doing no fap journey. Read those reasons over and over and every night before bed. Burn that into your brain.

Then as you go about your day, mentally speak to yourself. Congratulate yourself for being a no fap beast. Tell yourself, “Nothing, and no trigger can stop me from living a life I am working towards”.

As you go to sleep, keep your hands out of your pants. Lay flat on your back and put your hands behind your head. This body position is a proud position. Then whisper to yourself, “I am so proud of myself for not relapsing today”.

If you can do these exercises daily, you are building up a stone hard no fap mindset. You can do this, I believe in you.

Here are some thread ideas to get you into no fap positive thinkin.

Laugh at your triggers

You are much more than your triggers. That is why I want you to laugh at the face of triggers. Seriously, laugh out loud the next time you see triggering content on Instagram.

By laughing at your triggers, you are belittling your triggers, making it seem as if they are not that big of a deal. Laughing also decreases stress hormones in your body, so you will be less likely to relapse.

When laughing at difficult situations, it helps us stay hopeful. And more importantly, it distances the focus on the negativity of the situation.

You will thank yourself in the future because you will look back and have some good stories to tell of how you overcame your triggers.

You can’t block every trigger in your life, so you might as well get used to making fun of your triggers.

Because in reality, porn companies are just trying to get you even more addicted by showing you these ads. Instagram half naked models are just trying to get you to follow their account. Onlyfans models just want you to give your money to them. But you will not let them win. Here is the mentality you should be saying in your head the next time you see a trigger:

"Really? A half naked photo on Instagram, how pathetic would I be if I were to relapse to this?"
"Another porn ad? Nah, not going to work on me today, I choose to better myself"
"Onlyfans girl offers you a discount? I'd rather invest that into my career success" 

Remember this the next time you see something triggering: When in doubt, laugh it out.

Beating the no fap challenge conclusion

No fap will be the best thing that has ever happened to you, but will be the hardest thing you will do.

Also no fap doesn’t mean no internet! Keep your internet, but make sure to use it for education and entertainment only. And you can do so by putting up safety measures on your internet browsers. You may also reduce the amount of exposure of triggering content that these social media apps show you.

When you get busy with your new life, you won’t have time to fap, and that’s just facts.

The staple for no fap is to have the right mentality for the challenge. Without this major key, you will not survive this no fap challenge. Make sure you have a positive mindset through the challenge and a hardened attitude. Don’t forget to laugh at your triggers, because you are much better than them.

You will also need as much support as you can for your no fap journey. Don’t feel so alone brothers. By joining a community, you are actually gathering new knowledge and tactics to include in your no fap arsenal. Join our group chat here.

You will not be a free man until you unchain yourself from porn and fap addiction. I know this challenge can be daunting. And may seem like you cannot win this battle. But I will tell you the grass is greener on the other side. It is better living your whole life trying to beat no fap challenge than to fail and give up forever. You got this, I believe in you!

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