Kodak Black does Semen Retention

Rapper Kodak Black has decided to join the semen retention community. The famous rap artist from Florida, United States, is known for his top hits like “Zeze” and “Tunnel Vision”. Kodak Black’s reason for doing semen retention in this tweet is about saving his life giving energy (semen) and for his own spirituality.

Semen retention is the act of not ejaculating your semen in order to receive benefits. Semen retention originated from the no fap internet challenge. Kodak Black is one of the newest members, joining this November of 2021.

You may be asking why would any sensible man do semen retention? The reason is for the benefits you get from not ejaculating. You can receive the benefits from simply abstaining from ejaculation for a period of time.

The benefits of semen retention are divided between mental and physical. And some of the few mental benefits include increased mental focus, more motivation, and many more.

The physical benefits include increased testosterone, more energy, and much more.

Kodak Black isn’t the only rap artist on semen retention. Other artists like 50 Cent and Kevin Gates have admitted to doing no fap. Kevin Gates educates that semen retention is a good way to heal men with erectile dysfunction in this interview.

If all these successful rappers are doing the semen retention lifestyle, would you give it a try?

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