How to do no fap hard mode

No fap will be the hardest challenge you will ever do in your entire life. In fact 99% of new challengers fail the first time on hard mode. This is because they are not well equipped. At first they think they are special and that they will have better progress from everyone else. WRONG. Here I am going to show you how you can succeed in no fap hard mode.

No fap hard mode mindset

We are often taught to avoid triggers as a way to control our urges and minimize the risk of relapse. Although this may be true for casual people who do no fap, it is not a good idea for people doing no fap hard mode.

Truth is, you cannot avoid triggers because they are everywhere from billboards, social media, and the way women dress out in public today. And you shouldn’t have to avoid these triggers, the goal of no fap is to get your brain back to its normal state. The state it was in before porn addiction started negatively affecting it.

The solution to succeed in no fap hard mode is to create a hardened mind. You should be able to look at a revealing woman on Instagram without having the need to masturbate. You should see nothing more than a photo of a woman.

Now you might be asking, “how can I create this hard mode mindset”? The wrong answer would be to go out and seek triggering content as a way to train yourself the mental discipline to withstand triggers. This is a good way to fail your no fap hard mode.

In order to create your hard mode mindset, you need to go about your normal daily routine and create a mental note every time you see triggering content on your phone or in real life. These are the mental notes you should be reciting to yourself in your head whenever you see triggering content:

"She's a beautiful woman, not masturbation material"
"Most men would get easily hard from this, but my mental discipline is much harder"
"If I relapse because of this, it will be my own fault, no one else's fault but mine"
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Avoid being hard down there, by being mentally hard up there

No fap help group

Every new no fapper thinks they can do it alone at first, and soon realize that they were dead wrong.

You need to share your daily updates with other no fap practitioners. Not only does this inspire others, but if your progress is being recognized by others in the community, it will motivate you as well. It will create accountability and pressure for yourself to start being serious about no fap.

We often love telling people about our glow ups in life whether it be a promotion or new personal records at the gym. The same goes for no fap. By sharing this success with others, we will only be pressured to maintain high standards.

Need a support group? Join ours by clicking here

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No group? No success.

No fap motivation or no fap discipline

I’m not going to tell you to unfollow your no fap motivation Instagram pages, because that would just distance you from the no fap community. I’m telling you to rely on mental discipline versus no fap motivation.

No one is ever motivated to do anything 100% of the time. The same way no one is 100% motivated to work out all the time. That is where discipline comes in. You must discipline yourself to keep your hands off your meat the same way you discipline yourself to exercise every morning.

You can create no fap discipline easily by increasing your overall discipline. Meaning you need to work on controlling other aspects of your life. When you control other aspects of your life, you will create control over your sexual urges. So control your diet, control your television usage, and you will control your urges. Keep in mind that this is a gradual process. So don’t lose hope when it gets tough!

Count streaks

For those practicing no fap hard mode, you will want to count your no fap streak. It is critical to keep track of your days, as it creates this accountability for yourself. Your streaks will be a psychological reminder that you have made so much progress and it would be a complete waste if you were to give in for 5 minutes of pleasure.

Snapchat created a great way to ensure people were using their Snapchat app everyday. And they did so by implementing this feature that counts your streak of days you have snapchatted someone. And you bet people did not let their progress go to waste. So they kept using the Snapchat app and kept their streaks up which increased user time on their app.

Similarly, counting your streaks will represent this.

Some of these users would solely send a snapchat to their friends they were continuing the streaks with and not use the app the rest of the day, which is what Snapchat wanted. They were creating a daily habit for their users to continue using Snapchat subconsciously. The same concept needs to be applied to your no fap streaks.

Using the same concept, you need to be reporting your no fap streaks somewhere. You can do so by reporting to a fellow no fap brother right here after you make a free account: click here

No fap nightmare board

No fap motivation is not enough. Human beings would rather avoid pain, than to seek pleasure. That is why no fap motivation does not work by itself. This is why you need to scare yourself serious into no fap hardcore mode. Because only then will you do whatever it takes to stop relapsing on your no fap hard mode.

You can do so by creating a nightmare board.

A nightmare board is the opposite of a vision board. Typically a vision board would have pictures of future goals and interests you would like to accomplish some time in your life. But the nightmare board would consist of future ordeals that will happen if you don’t succeed in no fap hard mode.

No fap will make sure that my nightmare board doesn’t come true

The psychology behind it is simple. Every time you have an urge to relapse, you look at the nightmare board. It will be a daily reminder that you can mess up your whole life if you slip up. And It should scare you back into your senses and out of your feelings of wanting to relapse.

No free time means no fap

It is important that you fill up your free time with more productive activities. Because when you have a lot on your plate, you physically won’t have time to fap. Here are some activity ideas you can do to get started on to keep you busy.


Working out is a great way to keep you busy and create mental discipline to fight off urges. Not only are you developing a great body, but you are also building your will power. The necessary will power to say no to your urges.


When you self reflect on a journal, you are reminding yourself of how far you have come. Learn how to journal by clicking here. Best part is that it is evidence that you are capable of accomplishing and making progress on your no fap hard mode.


Be passionate about something if you aren’t already. You need to be so focused on your interests that you won’t want to masturbate. Create a non-profit organization that aids people in need. Start an informational podcast of something interesting! Best part is that you feel good about yourself. And when you feel good about yourself, you will be less likely to fap because you aren’t unhappy with your life.

Greyscale Photography Of Condenser Microphone
Can’t fap right now, too busy with my projects

Reward yourself

As we rewire our brain with no fap, it’s important that we also reward it as a way of celebrating your progress. Much like a house dog, when your dog does something you want him to do, you reward the dog with a treat. This reinforces the brain to continue positive behavior.

Treat your brain like a dog and give yourself a treat. Treat yourself however you see fit but do not reward yourself with any PMO. Don’t reward yourself with some edging time. Don’t allow yourself to watch some dirty videos thinking you have earned it. Because I can promise you, you will fail

Instead, reward yourself to watch a movie at the theatre. Go eat some ice cream. Have some fun at the bar with some friends. Reward your brain the same way you would to a dog.

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Teach me your no fap ways hoo-man

No fap coaching

If you have tried everything, but still find yourself failing, then it is time for you to consider getting some coaching. Coaching is a great way to seek guidance and expertise from someone who knows how to overcome your obstacles.

No fap coaching is for those who are starting no fap for the first time or who have been trying to quit for years now. Many people will say they can do no fap on their own, but they usually fail most off the time. The point of having a coach is to have a mentor and an accountability coach to keep you on track. Don’t let your ego stop you from living a porn-free life!

Lucky for you, we offer no fap coaching services right here. You can do so by inquiring right here

The best thing about it is, that everything will be confidential between you and your coach, since no fap can be an awkward topic to discuss with friends, family, or associates. But our no fap coaches here at iMasterBrain will keep it confidential.


  • Adopting your new and hard mindset
  • Join a no fap support group like ours:
  • Discipline over motivation
  • Count your no fap streaks
  • Create a nightmare board
  • Limit your free time
  • Reward yourself for your hard work

Do all of these and your no fap hard mode challenge will be easy!

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