Cure masturbation addiction with a pen

What if I told you that you could fix your fap addiction with a pen? Would you grab a pen and try it yourself? Well I have good news for you. You can get rid of your addiction with a pen! And I am going to show you how.

The main reason why plenty of people always find themselves failing at no fap is because they do it without a plan. It’s like sailing a ship without a map. You will get lost!

They don’t update their progress by writing down what they are experiencing or feeling. They don’t fill their free time with more healthy habits such as journaling. And so they fall down the rabbit hole once more.

You are failing no fap because you are not engaging in no fap related activities!

Why journal about no fap?

When you journal daily about your no fap journey, you are constantly reminding yourself the grand life you can transition into. It is a way to give yourself the daily motivation to keep pushing forward and carry on with the no fap lifestyle. It is a great way to start taking no fap seriously.

People are more likely to accomplish their goals if they tell someone else about them. The same goes for writing your goals down. And your masturbation and porn addiction isn’t as easy to speak about with your friends and family. It may feel very awkward for many. That is why writing down your no fap journey will help you succeed.

Anxiety and no fap journaling

One of the famous benefits of no fap is the decreased feeling of anxiety. And given that we live in such a frantic world, constantly masturbating won’t help your anxiety in the long run. The reason being is that when you are writing down your problems with your pen, it is a way of expressing how you feel. Once you acknowledge your feelings, you will inherently plan out ways to solve your problems. And you won’t be needing to rely on masturbating as a way to immediately relieve yourself of this anxious feeling.

Many of us have developed a dependence on masturbating as a way to temporarily delay our anxious feelings. It has become a vicious cycle. Problems>Stress>Masturbate>Repeat. If we can solve the problem side of the equation, we can end this viscous cycle.

Photo of a Man Listening Music on his Phone
No fap is all a mental game. So get your head in the game!

No fap develops overall mental discipline

If you can make a habit of journaling everyday about your no fap progress, then you are slowly building up mental discipline for yourself. With this mental discipline, you will be able to control your sexual energy and succeed in no fap.

In this day and age, we are constantly being exposed to sexual triggers. Whether it is on our social media platforms, billboards, or even the way people dress today. It is inescapable. The only way to beat it, is with the mental discipline to say no. One of the best ways to develop mental discipline is through journaling.

When you journal, you are writing down what works for you and what doesn’t. This creates reinforcement. This can help you keep a personal performance record. You may even notice some methods that work and what don’t work for you. An example would be that cold showers may help kill your urges, but you’ll note that cold showers are a temporary answer. You may find that drinking tea relaxes you and gives you full control over your sexual energy. When you record these observations down, you are subconsciously rewiring your brain to develop mental discipline.

Stress management means mastery of no fap

Think about it, what is the first thing we do when we are at home and feeling stressed? Masturbate. We do so because it is an immediate stress reliever, but it doesn’t solve our issues for the long term. You don’t want to rely on masturbating all the time to provide relief. What if you are in a public place and unable to gain some privacy to fap? You certainly cannot pull your wanker out and start beating it!

Most of us have made it a habit to fap whenever we feel uneasy. We use it as a way of escaping this negative feeling. But writing down your feelings into a journal can help improve your overall mood. When you have a mood improvement, you are less likely to masturbate. You are more likely to engage in activities that will improve your overall life.

Get your pen strokes in

You will literally have less time to masturbate if you are journaling. If you get an urge, start journaling. If you see a triggering picture, start journaling. If you see a triggering video on social media? Start sketching drawings of your dream life instead. The pen is key.

Man in Black T-shirt and White Shorts Playing Golf
Ha, no more strokes! Get it? Okay bad joke.

Writing in your journal should be the absolute replacement for your fap addiction. It gets your mind off your triggers immediately and allows you to take control of your mind, emotions, and sexual urges.

How to get started journaling about no fap?

You can get started journaling about your no fap journey right now. The beauty of it is that, there are plenty of ways to do it:

Simply grab a pen and a notebook! Start by writing day 1 on the first page. Write about what your goal is with this no fap journey and what is your master plan to accomplish this goal. If you need help with this part, feel free to email me!
Pro: Creates mental discipline
Con: Bringing the note book everywhere you go

Vlog your journey and post it. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea since most people would want to keep this personal information private. But if you want to help educate the world and are okay with being public about this topic, then pick up a camera and get started!
Pro: Helping the no fap community
Con: Not for camera shy people

Or just plainly use your notes app on your smart phone. The best part about this way of journaling is that your journal will be with you everywhere you go!
Pro: Mobile
Con: Won’t feel personal and can easily distract you from journaling

Okay but how do I write about no fap?

The first thing you should write in any personal development recording device, is why you are starting this. So whenever you are struggling on some days, you can always refer back to page 1. The first page of your journal should be a base for your no fap journey. This will be your why. Example:

Today is the day my life changes for the better. I am sick of masturbating all the time because it is draining my energy and negatively affecting my outlook in life. My friends feel distanced from me ever since I started watching pornographic videos. I want to be better. I want to be happier. I want to have a good life. And that is why I am starting my no fap journey. 

The second page should be about methods. Here you will write methods you find that help you best on your personal no fap journey. This can range from the type of mindset you need to adopt, to a list of methods that will work for you. Example:

Physical methodsMental methods
Short-TermCold showersMotivational videos
Long-TermExercise habitDeveloping discipline

The third page and on should be about your daily experiences. If you prefer to count your streaks, you can title the page according to what day streak you are on. If you have any triggers throughout the day, record them, and write how you dealt with those triggers. The end of the day should be a self-reflection time. Write about how proud you are of yourself for not relapsing. Then give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it! Example:

Day 4 of my no fap journey. I am starting to notice my face clearing up of blemishes and the dark circles underneath my eye are disappearing. My attitude the whole day has been positive, I even helped an old lady cross the street. My urges are starting to resurface again, and today I was triggered heavily. Luckily my handy dandy note book saved the day and I started writing away. The urges started to disappear as I kept writing. I am very proud of myself. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

On the last page of your notebook (and you should do this on the first day of your journaling), you need to write a vision for yourself. A vision of how you want your life to be once you cut out your masturbation and porn addiction. This vision needs to be so powerful (and realistic), that you will do anything to get there, and that will be your main motivation for no fap. Example:

I picture myself standing on my beach house watching the boats go by. My wife in my arms and our children running around. Everyday I am thankful to myself for studying instead of masturbating. I am glad I watched educational videos instead of pornography videos. Because of that, I have developed the necessary skills to become successful and become confident enough to get the woman of my dreams. My current body is the dream body that I have always wanted. If it wasn't for the mental discipline no fap gave me, I would probably be out of shape. I volunteer at the homeless shelter on weekends because of how much no fap made me appreciate life, and that I need to help others. Life is good, and I am glad I got rid of my addiction by journaling. 

Meanwhile on the other side of that page, you need to create a counter-vision of your dream life. A counter-vision so horrible, that it scares you into seriously focusing on no fap. Example:

My life is full of so much regret. I am stressing out because I can't pay rent this month. I never focused on my career because I masturbated and watched porn all the time. My doctor says I am very out of shape and unhealthy, maybe because I never developed the mental discipline that no fap would have given me. No money, no family, and no appreciation for life. All I have is a browser history full of porn websites.  Life is bad, and I wish I had never found out about porn at all. 


  • Keeping a no fap journal is a great way to start taking no fap seriously
  • Less fap-induced anxiety due to journaling
  • Journaling creates the necessary discipline to succeed in no fap
  • Less stress means less fapping
  • More pen strokes means less meat strokes
  • Get started journaling with a notebook, video camera, or a mobile phone note app
  • Keep a detailed track of your journey. Write a vision and a counter-vision for your future life

Now quit stroking yourself and start getting your pen strokes in!

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