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9/29 Voice getting deeper?

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No fap benefits affect everyone differently. You may have noticed for yourself that your voice is deeper. My voice has gone very deep because of no fap. I want you to tell me if your voice has gotten deeper and why do you think so. And if your voice hasn't gotten deeper, what physical change have you noticed about yourself?

Example: I have noticed an extreme change in my voice. Feels like it dropped a whole octave. I believe it is because of my increased testosterones I have acquired from days and days of no fap. 

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The only thing I have got rid by  [email protected] is brainfog. My stress level is also decreased. But one thing bothers me. I am feelin' sleepy and tired. When I was [email protected], I was not this much tired. What could be the reason. I also do exercise everyday but I am feeling tired all the time.