9/16 Why did you st...
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9/16 Why did you start no fap?

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We need a good reason for ourselves if you really want to make progress in your journey. I want you guys to write down a detailed paragraph why you started. I will give you an example:

You ever wake up some morning and realize why your life is so messed up? I felt this way a lot of the time. And I knew it was stemming from my addiction. I could barely look girls in the eye because I wasn't mentally strong. I was nervous around them. It was also affecting my happiness. But as soon as I started no fap. Everything got better. Even my focus and drive for life skyrocketed. This was something I wanted to share with the boys. Can't wait to hear everyone's story. 😊 

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There is not a single reason as to why I started practising nofap. I wasn't at peace mentally or with myself. I had no confidence while talking to girls. I was nervous around them. But after starting no fap my focus became laser sharp. Now I can look myself in the mirror with determination and strength.

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When I started to fap, I thought that I am the only person in the world doing this. At initial times, fapping helped me in controlling stress. But then, everything began to turn against me. Just the same negative effects of fappin'. I actually don't even knew that a word called mast*rbation existed. But when started nofap, I came to know that everybody fap. 

Since childhood, I would always like to be away from the crowd. I like to be as a lone wolf and nofap is something that only few men follow. So I started it and things are gettin' better.

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The reason I started nofap is to become better of myself. 

I don't want to become slave