40 best tips for No Nut November

You’re looking for help on your no nut challenge aren’t you? Well then you have come to the right place.

Quitting a bad habit may sound very simple, and you will need the ultimate list of tips and plenty of mental discipline in order to succeed.

But it will be very much worth it when you experience the benefits it can give you. It can lift your spirits up and make you happier with life.

Based on a study, excessive porn consumption and masturbation can lead to depression. You don’t want to feel this way right? Well then the answer is easy as this:

Take the no nut challenge

You will notice physical and mental changes when you complete the whole month of not fapping.

Just to tell you, I have plenty experience these past couple years on no fap and I have found these tips to work the best

Try them out yourself (:

1: Absolutely no edging

Biggest tip I want you guys to take away is DO NOT EDGE. This is will only tempt you further into relapsing into fapping and eventually nutting. And even if you don’t ejaculate, studies show that your brain will be on this “high” for hours, which will inevitably lead to another edging session and you will be more likely to nut.

Man Standing on Cliff
This is what you are doing when you are edging

2: Cold Showers

Cold showers are the best urge killer. The feeling of cold water hitting your skin just automatically turns off your libido and the urge suddenly disappears. Cold showers will be your best friend during No Nut November.

3: Delete any accounts you have with porn websites

You’ve already decided you’re not going to fap so you might Ashwell delete any existing accounts. Having an account will only tempt you to login and therefore watch dirty videos. And you have to remember these aren’t real girls, these are just a bunch of pixels.

4: Clear up your social media page

Social media platforms will usually expose you to content you have been best engaging with. For example: If you engage (like, comment, share, save) in accounts with Instagram models, they will start putting more of that content on your explore page. This will only lead to a relapse

5: Follow no fap pages

Following no fap pages on Instagram can actually help you this No Nut November. Aside from receiving great motivation, you will be surrounded by a supportive community. This will only remind you that you are not alone in this fight against your addiction

6: Have a no nut mindset

You must remember that no fap success isn’t just about clearing your mind of porn and other urges, but also you have to be focused that you are on this no nut journey. You must know that you are doing this for a purpose. This requires your brain into taking no nut more seriously instead of some silly internet challenge.

7: Congratulate yourself

Celebrations are often a big part of your wins in life. You need to look back at what your progressed through and be proud of that. Even if it’s something small like not watching porn for one whole day. This creates a positive reinforcement for yourself.

8: Journal the no nut journey

Seriously. Write about your no fap experiences. Studies show when you write something down, you are more likely to do it. This is like a cheat code. Go get yourself an actually book and pen. Don’t do it on your phone’s notes app because it is less personal. Read Cure masturbation addiction with a pen

9: Take full responsibility

If you relapse, that was because it was your own fault. No one forced you to relapse. You have complete control over your body. This will remind you that you have ownership over your body and your urges.

10: Work on your purpose

This is the best time to be working on your purpose in life. When you are happy working on your life’s purpose, you will not have time to be mashing your meat. Work on finding your purpose or find your purpose in life!

Your urges won’t come so often. Because you are so focused and thinking about your calling in life all the time.

11: Don’t give into the chaser effect

If you relapse for some reason during the challenge. Do not think you can just beat your meat numerous times for the remaining part of the day, and just reset your streak tomorrow. You will only weaken your mind if you just tell yourself “I’ll just start over tomorrow”

Man in Blue Denim Jacket Holding A Megaphone
Don’t give into the chaser effect

12: Recruit other people into doing no fap

Sure it can be an awkward thing to talk about with your friends. But once you explain the benefits and the how no nut November supports brothers around the world with prostate cancer, they will be excited to join. You will be less likely to relapse once your group of friends is doing it.

13: Exercise

When you exercise, you actually increase your mental discipline. This is how you create overall will power to say no to your urges. Gain full control of your body!

14: Talk to yourself in the mirror

Look in the mirror no joke. Tell yourself why you are on this no nut journey. Create accountability for yourself.

15: Create a no nut vision board

A vision board is a physical board that is filled with photos of things you wish to complete before you die. By creating this vision board, you are remembering that if you nut, the things on your vision board won’t come true.

16: Create a nightmare board

Alternatively you can create a nightmare board. The photos on this board will be of a horrible future that will happen if you don’t get rid of your nut addiction. It should scare you into not nutting

Grayscale Photo of Man Sitting
A nightmare board is suppose to scare you into being serious about no fap

17: Go outside

When you go outside, you literally won’t be able to nut. It’s not appropriate to masturbate in public and this is why this works.

18: Avoid being alone

The enemy of no nut November is being alone in a room. Once you have an urge to masturbate, immediately stand up and go to a room with people. Your temptations of masturbation will go away.

19: Watch YouTube videos on nofap

Here you can learn the adverse of pornography and how it affects the brain. Also this gives you a boost in motivation when you watch educational videos on nofap.

20: Count your streaks

Similarly to the snapchat streaks, when you count your days, you are less likely to relapse. Just like Snapchat streaks that you share with your friends, you’ll not want to break that streak. Especially when the numbers get higher.

21: Join a community

Doing no nut November doesn’t have to be so lonely join a nofap community on reddit!

22: Avoid toxic people

Don’t hang around people that think nofap is for losers. It’s usually people who are unhappy with their own lives who have to be toxic to everyone else. It doesn’t make sense to be friends with someone who has a terrible life because of their porn addiction.

23: Put your phone away before going to bed

When we go to bed, this is the most time we have privacy. And also most likely when we are going to relapse. Best to play it safe by putting your phone in a different room.

24: Talk to girls

When you do the no nut challenge, you are going to have so much energy. Redirect it into girls talking to girls. Because one of the top reasons for doing no fap is so people can attract a girl. It will make you feel like an alpha and remind you are doing the challenge in the first place.

25: Avoid spicy foods

There are studies that correlate spicy foods with an increase in sexual urges. Studies show that spicy foods trigger our pleasure-sensing endorphins.

26: Start a nofap instagram page

Ever since I started my no fap page, I post there everyday. And everyday I have been taking no fap seriously. It is a good daily reminder. Give me a follow on Instagram for no nut motivation

27: Post it notes

Post no fap motivation quotes on your mirror. Every morning look at the mirror and you will be reminded why you are doing no nut.

• If I relapse now, I will regret it FOREVER
• 5 minutes of pleasure, is not worth 5 years of suffering
• What would your ancestors think of you if they saw what you were watching 
• I will not improve if I don't take care of my porn addiction

28: Cookie Jar method

As David Goggin’s put it, pull a cookie out of the jar. And remind yourself that you are able to overcome adverse situations and urges. In times of heavy urges, pull a cookie. When you see a triggering Instagram model, pull a cookie.

Photo of Chocolate Cookies in Jar
If urges hit hard, remind yourself of the toughest victories you have achieved before

29: Schedule your day

When you plan your day on a planner, you are likely to do those schedules tasks. And once you fill up your whole day, you won’t have time to masturbate. P.S. Don’t include masturbating on your planner 😉

30: Learn from your failures

Revert back to the days that you were failing constantly. Understand what triggers you. What works and what doesn’t. That is how we get better as human beings. From learning from your own or other people’s failures.

31: Remind yourself how it feels to relapse

Let this be a negative reinforcement to motivate you. Remember the guilt you would feel after relapsing to a dirty video.

32: Get out of bed when you wake up

The more time you spend on your bed, the more time you are just asking to relapse. Force yourself to do push ups if you have to.

33: Only use your bed for sleep

Don’t even go on your bed to study or play games on your phone. Literally only use it for sleep. Don’t risk giving yourself the temptation of fapping.

34: Install a porn blocker

Installing a porn blocker is a great way to stop you from getting triggered. The internet is for learning and learning only. Don’t allow yourself to fall down the rabbit hole of pornography and eventually relapse.

35: Clean your room

If you get urges at 3am in the morning, just clean your room. You will feel a sense of accomplishment as well. Throw out any porn magazines while you are at it!

36: Call your friends

By calling your friend, your sexual urges will just turn off. Just make sure you don’t chat about anything that will trigger you. Talk about success and your studies.

37: Do your favorite hobby

Spend most of your life doing stuff you enjoy, and not one minute of it whacking your willy. Let No Nut November be the most productive month you will ever have.

38: Make No fap memes

By making memes, you are laughing at your urges. Telling them that you are better than them. Also, by creating no fap memes, you are inspiring other brothers to do no fap. This in itself motivates you to keep doing no fap. It’s a win for everyone!

39: Remind yourself that you can get ED

If you don’t already have erectile dysfunction, this will be a good reason not to not constantly fap. There are numerous stories from people who have excessively masturbated and gained erectile dysfunction. There are also plenty of stories of men who have cured their ED just from not fapping for a month.

40: Get nofap coaching

There is no shame in admitting you can’t quit your pornography addiction. What is more important is that you get rid of this horrible addiction so that you can live your life. Please inquire about our coaching services by clicking here

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